Most of the schools surrounding us are either already back in session or will be headed back soon. For many students it’s fun to head back to the schoolroom where they will reconnect with their friends, learn new things, and rejoin all of the many after school programs available.

Here are our some suggestions to help you and your student succeed in the classroom and stay healthy throughout the year:

  1. Get bedtime back on track. Set a bedtime that is right for your children and stick to it. Typically summer is filled with vacations, amusement parks, summer camp, and often being able to sleep in and get up when we want to, making it easy for bedtime to get shifted around. A good night’s sleep is very important for easier learning and staying awake in class.

  2. To help reset the circadian rhythms (our waking and sleeping patterns) go outside in the evenings and watch the sun go down. Even better, make sure everyone is barefoot touching the ground as you watch the sun make its descent. Watching the sun go down resets our circadian rhythm and helps us get sleepy as it grows dark. Grounding, or going barefoot, helps us recharge our batteries, so to speak, and gets rid of negative feelings. I can’t see the sun itself going down in my backyard because of the treeline, but I can still watch as the sunset filters light through the trees and the sky darkens.

  3. Put the electronic devices away at a set time - two hours before bedtime is a good recommendation. The blue light from smart devices and computers also interrupts our circadian rhythm and makes it hard to sleep. Plus, smart devices should be at least 20 feet away from the bed in order to get a peaceful night’s sleep as they give off a subtle energy that can disrupt sleep.

  4. Plan and shop for healthy breakfasts and lunches for those who take their lunch. I know I get so busy sometimes, I forget to plan ahead. Making sure you have plenty of healthy food choices already on hand can be a huge stress reliever.

  5. Make sure the straps of backpacks are already fitted properly before heading out the door for school. Ill-fitting backpacks cause extra stress and tension in the neck and back.

  6. Stock up on supplements to help your child stay healthy and focused and have a great year!

    1. VS-C by Nature’s Sunshine Products can be taken as a preventative. Taking it before the cold or flu starts spreading helps boost the immune system and makes us strong so that we can fight off germs. If someone in the family does get sick, it can be taken to knock the cold or the flu out too!

    2. Fish Oils or Flax Oils are essential fatty acids that are great for eye health and brain health. Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids are known to support learning including improved reading ability, spelling, behavior, attention and reduced hyperactivity and aggression.

    3. Probiotics are the friendly flora that live in our digestive system and help keep us healthy. They are the good guys helping keep the bad guys under control so our kids (and we) have fewer allergies, better digestion, and less sick days.

    4. Vitamin C is well known for helping keep our immune systems strong so that we can overcome colds and flu.

    5. Focus Attention by Nature’s Sunshine Products and ADDED Focus by Buried Treasure are two great products that help our kids have sharper focus, longer attention spans, and improved cognitive function.

    6. Calm Gummies by Natural Vitality is magnesium in gummy form. Magnesium is great for anxiety and stress, helps with sleep, as well as helping relieve muscle stiffness.

    Come into the Fayetteville Herb Shop and we’ll be glad to help you choose the supplements that are right for you and your children as you transition back to school.