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by Nature's Sunshine

We are excited to introduce this new, Clinically-studied and Clinically-proven Metabolic Support Program at The Fayetteville Herb Shop!  

Did you know that microscopic organisms called bacteria living on and in your body outnumber human cells ten to one? In fact, the total weight of bacteria in your body can weigh anywhere between two and six pounds! This bustling, hidden ecosystem that resides primarily in your gut is known as the microbiome, and emerging science is quickly gaining understanding of just how important these billions of microorganisms are to our health.

Modern diets, stress, and environmental toxins can upset the delicate balance of our gut microbiome. How? Too many "bad" bacteria in our microbiome can create toxins that make us fat. Diets high in added sugars and carbohydrates lead to greater populations of certain kinds of microbes that produce toxins.

These toxins cause us to use energy inefficiently and store too much of it as fat. Over time, this process can develop into poor metabolic function and unwanted additional weight. These cascading effects can cause our body to operate like that of someone much older! In other words, an unhealthy microbiome can add years to our "metabolic age"...

But there is hope! Join us on a 13 week Journey that can Transform Your Life!

First Class is FREE!!!

Current Classes:

Tuesdays at 7:15 p.m.

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This is a rolling class. Join at anytime!

-Learn about some of the science behind IN.FORM

-Sample protein shakes

-Learn your Metabolic Age

-Fun awards for transforming your Body Composition

-and MORE!

These are ROLLING classes so anyone can begin their 90 program at ANYTIME. Your very first class is FREE!


Transform your health with this groundbreaking 90 day program

  • Learn Healthy Habits for Lifelong Success
  • Expert Lead Classes with Group Support
  • Cutting Edge Supplements

We will go through the 90 day course together. $75 gets you the participant coursebook, weekly group meetings and support

In.Form branded product is optional. 30-day supply, Nature's Sunshine Membership, Shipping & Handling, tax: $270.78

Tuesdays, 7:15pm-8:15pm

Call 770-461-9074 or come into the store if you have any questions at all